Industrial Maintenance Technician Courses

Custom training development and delivery for industrial clients is NRG’s primary focus.

In Ontario, certification as an Industrial Maintenance Technician (IMT) is monitored and enforced by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). The IMT certificate authorizes the holder to conduct work on any input of fuel-fired appliances at the premises of his or her industrial or institutional employer. It is a highly sought after and valuable certificate that requires intense, customized, on-site training. For more information on IMT certification follow this link to TSSA:

NRG Resources is a registered training provider with TSSA. We are authorized to conduct the assessments required to gain TSSA approval for IMT certification as well as to deliver all aspects of the training at your site. The training programs are fully customized to the site-specific equipment, activities, and skill levels of the industrial or institutional maintenance staff.

NRG Resources has delivered IMT certification and non-certification courses for the following clients:

Whether these focused courses are conducted to achieve certification or to improve the skill level of maintenance staff, the result is the same – increased safety, competency, and job satisfaction accompanied by decreased downtime, equipment replacement, and contractor costs.

The testimonials from maintenance technicians and their employers confirm the value of the IMT training delivered by NRG Resources Inc.

Please contact us for more information on how NRG Resources can serve your IMT training needs.