Oil Pipe Fitter Manual and Program

In Ontario, an Oil Pipe Fitter (OP) certificate allows the holder to work on fuel oil supply systems of any size.

oil pipe fitter manualNRG Resources developed a complete training program for the Ontario Pipe Trades Council and Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario in 2004 with an updated edition created in 2007. It was approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) for use by UA training facilities to meet the Ontario requirements for certification as an OP.

The training program material includes two texts:
Oil Pipe Fitter Manual: This coil bound text has over 280 pages of information and graphics organized in four chapters entitled:
Chapter 1: Fuel Oil Properties
Chapter 2: Laws Governing the Fuel Oil Industry
Chapter 3: Storage Systems
Chapter 4: Oil Supply Systems
Instructor’s Guide: This binder includes annotated PowerPoint slides for each chapter along with lecture notes, equipment lists, resource material, scheduling suggestions, and other training tips.

The training Material can be used as a resource by individuals or as an “off-the-shelf” program to train skilled pipe tradesmen to work safely, effectively, & efficiently on fuel oil supply systems.

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