Most of NRG’s clients are repeat customers or referred to us by previous clients. The following testimonials from supervisors and course attendees illustrate why NRG Resources can effectively serve your fuel training and consultation needs. The testimonials are organized by service type.

Industrial Maintenance Technician Courses

“Very time effective method of training with practical approach. Mr. Rod Corea with his expertise in the field and professionally organized training sessions makes learning process natural and easy.”

Andrew Popiel, Calibration Technologist at UBE Automotive in Sarnia, Ontario. Andrew successfully completed an IMT course with NRG in June 2007

“You reached your objectives in your training program as after a year I still recall clearly most of what you taught us and all of what we were taught safety wise. After having a gas certificate 3 times this was the first time I actually understood what was going on. I sent a note to Bob Burmaster last year after the course explaining to him how beneficial it was and highly recommending it.”
Doug Kennedy, Electrical Maintenance Technician at Algoma Steel, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Doug successfully completed an IMT course with NRG in May 2005. The above email was received from Doug in May 2006.

Gas Technician Courses

“Well worth taking even if not required for G.1 licence”
Doug Schaab, Owner of Emke-Schaab Heat Contractors in Walkerton, Ontario
Successfully completed a G.1 certification course in June 2007

The following voice message was received from Luke Denaeyer from Denaeyer Mechanical in Ayr Ontario one year after he successfully completed a G.1 course in June 2006:
“Rod, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated that course you gave us last year. I use the things you taught us everyday and it has really improved my abilities. Thanks again.”

“Everything’s going well. You did a great job on this course you make it very straight forward” Seamus Wharry, Instructor for UA Local 787. The above email comment was made during Seamus’ first G.1 training course delivery using NRG’s program in London Ontario in 2006.

“I am pleased to confirm that the training material for the Gas Technician 1 program submitted to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) for review and recognition as an acceptable training manual has been reviewed by TSSA and have been found to be acceptable.”
John Marshall, Director, Fuels Safety Program, TSSA in a letter to NRG dated June 7, 2007. To view the official letter of approval click here. It is worth noting that NRG’s G.1 Training Material is the first non-site specific program officially approved by TSSA.

Fuel Oil Program and Courses

“The Oil Pipe Fitter Program developed by NRG Resources has met with great success! Our instructors find it easy to deliver and the guys appreciate the information and organization that went into the manual.”
Joe Bowdring, Director of Training, UA Local 46 Toronto Ontario
Doug MacLean from Energy Solutions Centre in Whitehorse Yukon organized and attended all six of the oil-related training courses developed and delivered by NRG in the Yukon between 2005 and 2007. When asked about the feedback on the evaluation forms collected after the courses, Doug provided the following comments as representative:

"Instructor knowledge is excellent."
"Found it very interesting and good info."
"Very knowledgeable instructor."
"Excellent instructor, hands-on practical portion was very valuable, best course I've been to."
"Course was better than most I've taken."
"Rod was great, knowledgeable, organized, well-spoken. The workbook is awesome."

And from Doug Mclean: “When Rod was done training the whole class applauded him. That is rare, and hasn't happened since the last time he gave a course here."

Custom Courses

“Another great course that met our requirements exactly. The guys were very impressed. We’ll have you back again next year.”
Mike Herman, Assistant Chief Operating Engineer, UWO Boiler Plant, London Ontario

The following endorsement was provided in a letter form Gerry Lambert, Training Officer at Bruce Power Generating Station in Tiverton, Ontario. A custom course was created to serve the needs of their Instrumentation Technicians regarding combustion analysis on their heating boilers.

“This correspondence is to provide feedback and thank-you for your timely and cost efficient course delivery provided to our Boiler operations staff.

The only complaint is that we required this training three years ago when we went on line. Participants to the course state your course has provided:

Management and staff found real value in your course delivery. Course will become mandatory for all new staff assigned to the Bruce Steam Plant.”

Consultation Services

“Without your expertise on TSSA’s training requirements we could never have got the training we needed in the time required. To train 45 technicians in the short period allowed was amazing and the reviews were all favourable. Thanks again”
Glenn Turner, Training Coordinator at Bruce Power Generating Station in Tiverton Ontario. NRG Resources conducted all aspects of the IMT training at Bruce Power from initial assessment through SSA approval, course delivery and final certification. The course is now regularly offered to new technicians.

“Rod’s assistance in getting through the maze of a TSSA field approval on our CharMarker was invaluable. We couldn’t have done it without him”
Philip Winter, Chief Operating Engineer, Schneider Foods, Ayr, Ontario