Consultation Services

NRG Resources provides a wide variety of consultation service to commercial industrial fuel users and contractors. Services include:

  • Safety audits
  • Training assessments

Safety Audits

NRG Resources has the qualifications and ability to conduct thorough safety audits of gas and/or oil installations. Rod Corea, owner of NRG, was a Fuel Safety Inspector with the governing authority in Ontario for 12 years. As an Inspector, Rod monitored and enforced the legal requirements governing the fuel industry as well as investigating fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisonings. His auditing, investigating, and report writing skills are now employed to identify safety issues before they become problems and to offer solutions to improve safety.

Every aspect of the fuel installation is examined from equipment condition to record keeping. Owners and supervisors are often unaware of the legal requirements governing the fuel industry. However, “ignorance is no excuse before the law” so it is only reasonable to seek an outside expert to assess the state of compliance before an incident or complaint results in a legal action.

A thorough safety audit can identify ways of improving fuel efficiency, equipment maintenance, and operational efficiency. If your business or institution depends on the safe and proper operation of fuel-fire appliances, a safety audit is a pro-active measure that ensures that your dependence does not become a liability.

A detailed set of inspection and preventative maintenance checklists can be created for use after NRG’s initial audit. A comprehensive report provides various options on how to improve safety and efficiency at your facility.

NRG Resources has conducted inspections for Western University and the District School Board of Niagara.  Both of these clients have NRG Resources conduct a final inspection of new installations before accepting the installation as complete.  Inspection checklists, maintenance procedures, and standard operating procedures for dealing with unacceptable conditions have been created for both clients.

Although primarily focused on industrial or institutional installations, NRG Resources has also conducted safety audits on residential installations for the Yukon Government to identify safety concerns and solutions. Over 350  installations have been inspected since January 2007 and a report and inspection protocol were generated that is currently guiding safety improvements in the Yukon. NRG also conducted training sessions for government and property management inspectors on how to conduct further inspections.

Please contact us for more information on how NRG Resources can serve your safety auditing needs.


Thornbury, ON, Canada