Covid-19 Policies and Preventative Procedures


NRG Resource’s Covid-19 Policies and Preventative Measures

NRG Resources Inc. is committed to providing a safe environment during any courses held at our Cambridge facility at 375 Sheldon Drive. Everyone attending a course must read the following information and comply with the policies established by NRG Resources and Naylor Building Partnerships (the company that owns the building partly occupied by NRG Resources).

Preventative measures taken by NRG Resources regarding Covid-19:

  • Each student will have their own 2’ X 4’ desk spaced at least 2m (6’) from any other person. Although the use of masks is encouraged at all times, participants will be allowed to remove their masks when seated at their desks or outdoors and maintaining a 2m (6’) distance from other participants.
  • Practical sessions will be organized to allow for social distancing whenever possible. In the limited cases where this is not possible, participants will be required to wear masks.
  • A foot-operated hand-sanitizer dispenser is located at the entry to the classroom and students will be encouraged to use it regularly. A box of facial tissues will be available on each student’s desk and a personal garbage can will be available at each desk for disposal of these tissues.
  • Two wash stations with automatic soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are available and students will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own mask to comply with the mask wearing rules identified below in the policies section. However, NRG will also have available non-reusable masks if needed.
  • NRG Resources will clean the room with sterilizing cleaner daily. High contact areas (doorknobs etc.) will be sanitized numerous times per day.
  • A ventilation system has been installed that provides approximately 12 air changes per hour in the classroom from the heated warehouse space adjoining the classroom. Two portable HEPA air filtering systems have been installed in the classroom.
  • Safety bulletins regarding Covid19 policies and procedures will be posted at the site and reviewed at the start of each day of classes.

NRG Resources’ Policies and Procedures:

  1. All students are required to wear a mask when entering or moving around in the building shared with Naylor Building Partnerships. Students are encouraged to bring their own mask. However, NRG will also have available non-reusable masks if needed.

Although the use of masks is encouraged at all times, participants will be allowed to remove their masks when seated at their desks or located outdoors and maintaining a 2m (6’) distance from others.

  1. All students attending a course at NRG’s Cambridge facility are required to complete the form on the following page indicating that they are not at risk of transmitting Covid-19. This form requires taking your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. If a student answers “YES” to any of the questions on the form, they must not enter the classroom and must exit the building immediately.
  2. Students will be instructed at the start and end of each day to monitor their health conditions and to either not attend or to leave the building immediately if they have any signs indicative of Covid-19 or the flu. In these cases, the student must contact the instructor – Rod Corea – at 416-819-5352 to discuss further actions.

There is no financial penalty for missing or cancelling course due to Covid-19 related issues. NRG will work with the student to ensure course completion during a future course schedule.

  1. Students are encouraged to take the following measures during the course:
    1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
    2. Use hand-sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
    3. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or bend of your arm – not your hand.
    4. Dispose of tissues as soon as possible and wash or sanitize your hands.
    5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
    6. Be mindful of touching high-contact surfaces such as toilets, phones, door handles etc. and wash your hands after touching these surfaces.
    7. Practice social distancing at all times and wear a mask whenever social distancing may not be achievable.

NRG Resources’ Covid-19 Daily Questionnaire

Every student attending a course at NRG’s Cambridge facility must complete the following questionnaire each day including taking their temperature with the non-contact thermometer provided. The desk where the forms and thermometer are located will be immediately outside the classroom

Anyone experiencing symptoms as described on the questionnaire or with recent out-of-country travel history will not be allowed to enter the classroom until proof of medical clearance is received.

Please leave the completed questionnaire pointed face-down in the bin provided on the desk.

Please wash or sanitize your hands before and after using the pen and thermometer



Questions to completed daily




Have you traveled anywhere outside Canada since March 13, 2020?


If yes, dates and locations travelled: ___________________





Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

·         New or worsening cough

·         New or worsening shortness of breath

·         Muscle aches, fatigue, and headache

·         Sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea

·         Any other symptoms indicative of Covid-19 or the flu




Using the non-contact thermometer provided, take your temperature on the front of your forehead.


Enter your temperature today: _______


Is your temperature above 37°C (98.6° F)?




Have you had direct contact with, lived with, and/or cared for anyone who is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days?




If you answered YES to question:

  • #1, #3, or #4 ►DO NOT ENTER THE CLASSROOM. NRG recommends that you seek immediate medical attention and remain home for 14 days following the resolution.
  • #2 ► but are not specifically experiencing a fever, NRG directs that you do not enter or return to class until all symptoms are remedied.

Thornbury, ON, Canada