Course Registration (Closed)

Gas Technician 1 (G.1) Training Course

Please email rodcorea@nrgresources.ca for details.


This is the G.1 Course Registration page. We also offer a G.1 GAP Course, Industrial Maintenance Technician Courses and Custom Courses.

Where are the classes held?

Our Course Location is:
375 Sheldon Drive, Unit 7 & 8, Cambridge, ON, N1T 1B1

Note: Our course location is different from our Thornbury, ON, mailing address.

Student Suspension & Expulsion Statement
NRG Resources Inc. recognizes the personal rights and freedoms of all persons within its facility. A student may exercise his/her individual rights and freedoms subject to the rules and regulations of NRG Resources and subject to the need to respect and protect the rights of other students and instructors. Violation of any of the basic rights of others, as outlined in the Statement for Students, may result in suspension or expulsion. Some of these violations include, but are not limited to:

Harassment:  No student shall encroach on the personal security of another individual. Harassment may include vexatious comments or unwelcome physical contact.

Drug or Alcohol Use: The use or consumption of alcoholic beverages and non-medical drugs are prohibited during school hours. Students who attend class under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the classroom and risk being suspended from class.

Course Violations: The student must understand that failure to attend at least 80% of class time could result in expulsion. Chronic refusal to attend or participate in class activities or assignments may result in expulsion.

Immature/Dangerous Conduct: The student must understand that some aspects of the training are inherently dangerous and therefore must exercise the utmost care to protect himself and others from loss and injury. Failure to display the necessary maturity and responsibility while engaging in assigned tasks will result in suspension and possible expulsion.

Thornbury, ON, Canada