Training Manuals

This complete training program was approved by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) in June 2007 for use by any accredited training facility in Ontario to meet the stringent requirements for certification as a Gas Technician 1 (G.1). The G.1 certificate allows the holder to work on any input of natural gas or propane appliance.

TSSA G1 Approval Letter


 The training program material includes three binders:

Gas Technician 1 Manual

This 2” binder has over 740 pages of information and graphics organized into 11 chapters.

Chapter 1: Commercial / Industrial Installations
Chapter 2: Commercial / Industrial Appliances
Chapter 3: Commercial / Industrial Burners
Chapter 4: Valve Train Configurations and Components
Chapter 5: Electricity for Gas Technicians
Chapter 6: Appliance Controls
Chapter 7: Flame Detectors
Chapter 8: Flame Safeguard Control Basics
Chapter 9: Flame Safeguard Control Specifics
Chapter 10: Combustion Setup
Chapter 11: Initial Activation and Troubleshooting
Plus: a USB Drive with 4 Gigabytes of manufacturer’s instructions for commercial/industrial gas equipment.

G.1 Lab Manual

This 2” Binder has chapter titles corresponding to the Student Text but includes detailed practical exercises that the student completes during the lab sessions which make up approximately 40% of the course. It also includes over 800 review questions to test the students’ understanding of the theory information presented in the Student Text and to prepare them for the TSSA exam at the end of the course.

Instructor’s Guide

This package consists of three binders. One binder is entitled “Instructor’s Lab Manual” and mirrors the student lab text except that it includes answers to all the review questions and the lab exercises as applicable. The second binder is the Theory text. The third binder, entitled “Instructor’s Guide to the G.1 Program”, includes annotated PowerPoint slides for each chapter along with lecture notes, equipment lists, resource material, scheduling suggestions, and other training tips.

NRG’s Gas Technician 1 Training Material can be used as a resource by individuals and instructors or as an “off-the-shelf” complete program to train residential gas technicians to work safely, effectively, and efficiently on commercial industrial gas appliances.

The program has been employed by NRG Resources and other training providers since 2006 to successfully train over 1000 gas technicians to work on commercial/industrial gas installations. With a 99.2% success rate, students and instructors have praised the training program for its completeness and practical value.

The cost of the training material is as follows:



Student Package including the Student Manual and Student Lab Manual. Sold only to accredited training providers under agreement with NRG Resources.  *Plus 5% HST and Shipping.


Instructor’s Package including the Student Manual plus the Instructor’s Lab Manual and the Instructor’s Guide. Sold only to accredited training providers under agreement with NRG Resources. *Plus 5% HST and Shipping.


Individual Package includes only the Student Manual, but with review questions at the end of each chapter and an answer key. It is an ideal resource for technicians currently working on commercial/industrial appliances or those who wish to challenge the G.1 certification requirements as per TSSA’s procedures.  *Plus 5% HST and Shipping.
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NRG Resources also offers training equipment for use in Gas Technician courses (See Training Equipment)

Please contact us for more information on how NRG Resources can serve your G.1 training needs.

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